Flinders NT Medical students engaging with local high schools

Darwin High School Expo

Flinders NT promoted healthy living, and studying Medicine in the Northern Territory via the double degree entry pathway, at the recent Darwin High School Healthy Living Expo, with over 1300 high-school students in attendance.

The Expo aims to provide students with knowledge of services in the local community, promote healthy choices, and raise awareness of issues that impact young people’s health including physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual and environmental.

Flinders NT Medical student Hayley Kelly says, “It was such an amazing opportunity to talk and listen to the Darwin High School students. I’m passionate about this course and love expressing how great the opportunity is to study Medicine in the Northern Territory, especially the entry through the Clinical Science stream for school leavers. So, it was nice to see the younger generation interested and eager to adventure in the same pathway I started just 3 years ago”.

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Darwin High School Expo
Flinders NT at the Darwin High School Healthy Living Expo
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