Flinders NT welcomes Dr Chris Rissel, Senior Research Fellow

Flinders NT welcomes Dr Chris Rissel, Senior Research Fellow. Chris joins the Darwin based team after having worked in senior health promotion roles with NSW Health since 2000, including as Director of the NSW Office of Preventive Health.

Chris has a strong research and evaluation background, with research interests in childhood obesity prevention, physical activity and bicycling advocacy, tobacco control and sexual health. He has a mix of quantitative and qualitative skills and is a prolific writer.

Chris’s broad skills and optimistic can-do attitude will help the adjustment to the remote and rural context he’ll be working with.

My first impression after a week of meeting new people (many remotely) includes a strong respect for the dedicated professionals who do a great job and have so many ideas for doing more. There really is a lot of research underway and heaps of research potential. I’m looking forward to different challenges and working with new colleagues.

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