A career stretching from elite sporting fields to lecture theatres

Flinders lecturer Mat Prior was drawn to a career in Physiotherapy through his love for sport and a simple curiosity for how the body works.

After graduating from a physiotherapy degree, he refined his skills in helping people prevent and recover from injury when progressing into roles with major sporting clubs across the country.

“I have a particular clinical interest area in sports physiotherapy, particularly with soccer – having previously served as head physiotherapist with Adelaide United Football Club, the Australian National Paralympic Team (Pararoos), along with serving as physiotherapist with the Australian Joeys,” he says.

“I’m currently involved with Football Federation Australia as a physiotherapist within their national team of medical staff.

“Working in these roles have their own rewards (and challenges!), particularly being able to help contribute to the success of a team, along with being able to travel as part of your work to experience a number of different competitions.”

Flinders Physiotherapy Lecturer Mat Prior

Aside from his sports physiotherapy commitments, Mat teaches the next generation of physiotherapists at Flinders and works at a private practice in Adelaide that focuses on musculoskeletal and sporting injuries.

The private practice has links to the SANFL, SA Amateur Football League, and orthopaedic rehabilitation.

“Seeing everyone from kids to the elderly to professional athletes and weekend warriors  is really rewarding, especially helping them achieve their goals, whether it be to return to sport or an activity, or simply to alleviate pain and improve function,” Mat says.

Despite the clinical commitments, Mat loves sharing knowledge and experiences, and being a mentor to students.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from some great mentors, and how I practice physiotherapy has been hugely influenced by many people over my career,” he says.

“Hopefully, I can pass on some of that knowledge and experience to student physios who are just starting out in their careers.”

For more information on studying Physiotherapy at Flinders, visit the Bachelor of Health Sciences/Master of Physiotherapy webpage.

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