Get to know your OGR – Rebecca (Bec) Holdstock

What do you do in the world of Higher Degrees by Research?

Hi, I am Rebecca and have been working in the Office of Graduate Research for almost two years.

I work in the Examinations team who manage the HDR examination process when students submit their thesis for examination.  We assess the process from the submission, right through to completing students in their degree.  Our office works with the supervisors to select and engage examiners, receive the thesis, send it out the examiners, follow up and ensure the reports are returned so the results can be sent back the students.

My specific role within the team is to receive and send out theses to external examiners. I have been given the title ‘Turnitin Guru’ by students who are often referred to me if they need help with Turnitin – an important part of the submission process.

The best part of your job?

The best part of my job is the people.  I love hearing from the students, the nervous I am about to submit students right through to the ‘oh my gosh, I can’t  believe I am finished students’.  I have to say I feel pretty lucky as generally I am on the happier leg of the PhD/Masters by Research journey.  I also love the interaction with the Academic staff, both here at Flinders and the examiners who come from all corners of the globe.  I have certainly come across some amazing and interesting people.  Finally are the people in my team, the staff of the OGR are like no other and I am so thankful be part of it.

Your favourite holiday destination?

I am not a fan of the cold at all so love anywhere warm but I especially love traveling to Asia.  I love the warm weather, the wonderful people, the amazing hospitality but most importantly the food.   I also love the rain which in Australia generally means cold but in Asia it is just amazing to run around in the rain and not worry about getting cold.

Your favourite Cuisine?

Much to my kids disgust, I love Asian food.  I love the curries which are hot and spicy but not heavy in winter and their light but super tasty salads and noodle dishes in summer.

Do I have any pets?

After a three year absence of pets we bought a Rhodesian Ridge-back X Mastiff puppy late last year.  My office love the updates on her latest shenanigans both in the destruction of my backyard and the numerous trips to the Vet.  We have had quite a roller coaster ride with her right from the beginning where on her first week with us I had to miss our staff Christmas party to stay home and monitor her as she had swallowed a chew toy that was too big for her belly and needed some vet assistance to pass.  I have brought her into the office on a couple of occasions as a puppy however she is now an exuberant 33kg teenager who is scared of automatic sliding doors.

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