Get to know your OGR – Tania Scanlon


What do you do in the world of Higher Degrees by Research?

I am a Student Engagement and Project Support Officer, you can find me at the Front Desk on Thursdays and Fridays.

My role includes assisting with in person, phone and email queries from Students, Supervisors and Colleagues, providing reference information or referral to relevant teams.

I also assist our Dean, the marvellous Professor Tara Brabazon in scheduling appointments and administrative tasks.

The best part of your job?

A truly enjoyable task I have the pleasure of is creating this Newsletter for the HDR Community, I am so fascinated and inspired by the diversity in the people and research here, so please keep your stories, advice and celebrations coming in.

Full respect to you all in the pursuit of knowledge and betterment!

As challenging as this year has been for us all it has brought me the wonderful opportunity of being a part of the Flinders and HDR world. It’s an inspiring and supportive environment, that I’m so happy to be a part of.

Your favourite holiday destination?

In my other world I’m an Airline Ground Operations Trainer, a role I have loved for going on 10 years and in Aviation for 20. This has allowed me to travel a fair bit and I find it too hard to choose a favourite but I love the experiences that have included connecting with people from very different cultures and particularly the beautiful children found everywhere. I do love Lombok, the friendships made, trekking Mount Rinjani, swimming at the base of the waterfalls, the stunning Palm coved beaches, snorkelling the Gilli’s.

A few other loves so far are the buildings in Paris, food in Cape Town, cocktail bars in Florida, gardens and villages in the Cotswolds, white water rafting in Colorado, city lights in Hong Kong, roller coasters in Orlando, wildlife in Pilanesberg.

As strange as this year of restrictions has been, I’m extremely grateful to live where we do, our hills, beaches, wine regions and wildlife are so stunning and I’m happy to holiday and explore our own backyard.

Your favourite Cuisine?

Coffee, Gin and Dark Chocolate counts right? It’s afternoon right now and I’m starting to dream of a good laksa or maybe dumplings and greens, hmmm decisions decisions!

Do I have any pets?

Not yet but my 2 little girls are desperate for a dog or 2, so the research is beginning and fences are being built, exciting times ahead.

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