Changes to the HDR Policy, HDR Progression Procedures and Charter for HDR Student and Supervisor Responsibilities

HDR Student progress remains a priority for supervisors and the university. We know that unexpected events in research and life can emerge. Recognizing this complexity, the Office of Graduate Research has worked with colleagues throughout the University to enable progress, even in difficult times.

In 2020, as part of the University’s Wellbeing Strategy Working Group, a decision was made to amend the language in the Student Progress Policy and Procedure for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students.

This initiative was discussed at the University HDR Committee and in early 2021, a key improvement to the HDR Policy and HDR Progression Procedures to remove punitive and ambiguous labels that may not be self-apparent to students such as “At Risk” and “Show Cause”. These changes are available now in the above policy and procedures. A quick summary is outlined below:

For further information on these changes, see the HDR Progression Procedures Section 6.

These proposed amendments apply the wider University imperative for managing student progress and provide customised components for higher degrees. They create a scaffolded approach to the management of HDR candidatures that experience difficulty progressing and enable support to be provided to the student prior to the formal review process.

To enable a smooth transition period for all our students, supervisors and colleagues, the OGR will monitor any students who are currently identified as ‘At Risk’ or under ‘Show Cause’ proceedings and continue under the existing HDR Policy and HDR Progression

Procedures for a period of 4 months. This timeframe, alongside the grandfathered policy and procedures, should cover all current cases.

All HDR students can utilise the University’s My Success Plan tool to assist them with addressing their progression needs. The HDR Progression Team are also in the process of developing a new website to support this process.

Finally, as part of the review of the HDR Progression Procedures, the opportunity has also been taken to embed the University’s values and ethos into the Charter for HDR Student and Supervisor Responsibilities.

If at any time you need assistance or to talk to someone about your candidature please contact the HDR Progression Team at:

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