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Examination status

You will be able to see the status of your examination in Inspire > Examination > Results. This information will be displayed in the blue boxes and updates based on activities in Inspire. Please remember that although an examiner is given 6 weeks to examine your thesis, this can sometimes be extended depending on the individual circumstances of the examiner.

If you need clarification about your status, you are welcome to contact the HDR Exams Team in the Office of Graduate Research (hdr.exams@flinders.edu.au).

Examiners’ Reports

The Inspire system has a sophisticated workflow for the HDR thesis examination management.  Currently, when both examiners’ reports are available and have been approved by the OGR, HDR students and supervisors will be sent an email advising the examiners’ reports are available to view, download, and print from Inspire > Examination > Results.  Information will be provided on the next steps in the process to complete your degree.

Thesis amendments

HDR students will now be able to manage their thesis amendments approval process in Inspire and view the process is up to from Inspire > Examination > Thesis amendments and students can upload their amended thesis and their response to examiners comments in the online form.

Where to find out more

Providing Feedback

We welcome your feedback and we hope Inspire is making candidature management easier for you. Please drop us a line, or get in touch with the Office of Graduate Research.

As always, we welcome hearing from you and improving your experience.

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