HDR Student International Travel (as of May 2022)


The Office of Graduate Research has sought advice from the University’s COVID-19 Task Force with respect to international travel for HDR students.

For current and up to date information, please refer to the HDR COVID-19 Information page.

Please discuss any travel plans with your Principal Supervisor before commencing a request for consideration.

On 2 May 2022, the University amended the rules for international travel for staff and HDR students, reflecting DFAT’s Smartraveller destination travel advisory. As a result, approvals for DFAT Level 1 or Level 2 destinations will no longer need to go to the Vice-Chancellor and can now be considered by the relevant Senior Executive Team member for your area. For HDR students, this will be the College Vice-President and Executive Dean (VPED).

Please note: Vice-Chancellor approval is still required for requests to travel to DFAT Level 3 destinations and approval to travel to DFAT Level 4 countries is unlikely.

Process for international travel applications from HDR students

The process for HDR students who wish to undertake international travel for research purposes:

  1. Assess DFAT’s Smartraveller destination travel advisory for the proposed country. Note: DFAT Level 1 or Level 2 (College VPED approval), DFAT Level 3 (VC approval) and DFAT Level 4 (VC approval – travel is unlikely)
  2. Discuss the proposal with their Principal Supervisor
  3. Download the HDR International Travel Application & COVID Plan and Risk Assessment form from the HDR COVID-19 website (form available after 10 May)
  4. Register your intent to travel and seek approval with the Office of Graduate Research, HDR Progression Team by email (hdr.progression@flinders.edu.au)with the subject line: Student Name (Student ID): International Travel request
  5. HDR student submit request to the relevant approver (based on DFAT level) on HDR International Travel Application & COVID Plan and Risk Assessment form including the following:
    • HDR International Travel Application & COVID Plan and Risk Assessment
    • Evidence of up-to-date COVID-19 vaccinations.
    • Evidence from Principal Supervisor that the travel is essential for the success of the research and candidature.
    • Evidence of completion of Confirmation of Candidature and have any required ethics approval(s).
    • Confirmation from your Principal Supervisor that they understand the obligations of the role of the University’s nominated contact person
    • Signed Deed Poll COVID Release (physically signed and witnessed, then scanned for submission).

For any questions and further information please contact Kate Willson in the HDR Progression Team, Office of Graduate Research, hdr.progression@flinders.edu.au.

Information about Domestic Travel

Domestic Travel for HDR students is permissible with approval from College Vice-Presidents and Executive Deans, as per the advice published on the HDR COVID-19 website. HDR students need to be aware that some state government restrictions for travel currently remain, predominantly in at risk communities. Field trip approval is required through FlinSafe.

The Office of Graduate Research is not managing domestic travel. All questions regarding the process need to be directed to the College Operations Team.


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