Congratulations to students nominated for the 2022 CSL Florey Next Generation Award

PhD candidates demonstrating outstanding capability, creativity, and potential in the biomedical sciences and/or health and medical research were eligible to be nominated for the 2022 CSL Florey Next Generation Award.

Lauren Newman from the College of Medicine and Public Health and Matthew Iasiello from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and were the two successful candidates from a competitive round of EOI’s.

As part of the nomination, Lauren and Matthew were required to submit a 90-second video talking about the potential significance of their research.

Lauren’s research looks at diagnosing and tracking non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Her project applies a pioneering technique to selectively isolate liver-specific extracellular vesicles (EV’s) from the blood. Lauren’s research has wide-ranging potential benefit, not only to patient care, but in the utilisation of healthcare resources for this disease.

You can watch Lauren’s video here

Matthew’s research investigates the relationship between mental illness and mental health and what this relationship means for our mental health system. Matthew’s thesis presents many novel findings and addresses a significant gap in the literature.

You can watch Matthew’s video here

Unfortunately they were unsuccessful this time, but we wanted to highlight their impressive research and wish them well for the rest of their PhD journeys.

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