Australia’s first PhD-MBA program is now open to current domestic PhD students

Are you a first year domestic PhD student at Flinders University? Joining Australia’s first PhD/MBA program is your opportunity to explore your passion for research, develop world-class leadership and business skills and prepare for a broad range of careers.

By combining your PhD with an MBA, you will study both degrees at the same time in an integrated program. The MBA curriculum covers topics such as strategy, leadership, finance, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and industries 4.0 and 5.0.

Your PhD research component can be in one of many areas of study offered by Flinders University and will be unchanged when you join this program.

Is this a four-year program?

Yes, under the assumption that you complete your PhD in three years, the PhD-MBA is a four-year program.

Will I study for my MBA whilst pursuing my PhD research?

Yes, there will be MBA topics during your PhD. To allow you to have the best PhD possible, these topics will not interfere with important PhD milestones – for instance, your confirmation or thesis submission.

Will I be able to gain industry experience?

Yes, there will be multiple opportunities. Firstly, you will be able to engage with research end users in an industry internship (at least sixty days full-time) during your PhD. Secondly, you will have the option of exchanging one MBA topic for an industry placement. Thirdly, you will have contact with industry leaders and mentors through the MBA topics and cohort.

Which PhD research areas are eligible to enrol in a PhD MBA?

All areas at Flinders University.

When will PhD MBA be available for International Students?

At the moment, PhD/MBA is only available to domestic PhD students. However, we expect to be able to make it available to international students as well by the end of 2023.

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