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Thinking of studying English as a major or minor in the Bachelor of Arts but not quite sure what jobs you could get into with your BA qualification? Fear not, we have the lowdown.

People sometimes think it’s hard to get a job with a Bachelor of Arts in English because they’re thinking in terms of the old-fashioned professions that kindergarten kids nominate when asked what they want to be when they grow up.

In the current economy, however, English is one of the most practical, future-proof degrees you can do because it’s so flexible. It doesn’t tie you down to a single career path which might be out of demand by the time you graduate. Instead, it gives you a pass into a range of careers. The skills you acquire will allow you to go to the top of your profession and also change careers.

As more business is done online, the ability to read quickly and accurately, present ideas with polish, imagine other people’s perspectives and write effectively to them become more valuable and are among the most sought-after skills of the digital age.

Top 5 jobs in English

1. Content Writer

Every single company, NGO, cultural organisation and government department needs writers. Their job is to write informative and engaging articles to help businesses showcase their products. They write on a range of subjects and are responsible for creating the best possible written or visual content, from blog posts to press releases. Content writer is the most common of a range of writing jobs, including: medical writer, technical writer, and copywriter.

2. Advertising

English majors are highly sought after in Advertising because of their creativity, emotional intelligence (they have spent their degree thinking about the motivations and interactions of fictional characters!) and the polish they bring to written communication. English majors are often seen as capable of coming up with new, fresh ideas that wouldn’t naturally occur to someone with a business/advertising background.

3. Public Relations

English majors are common in a range of Communications and Engagement roles. These are creative, innovative and collaborative jobs that require originality, imagination, strategic thinking and excellent communication skills.

4. Journalist/Fact Checker/Researcher/Magazine Writer

These are the most common of a range of jobs that require the ability to research across a range of fields and then present that information in a context-appropriate format.

5. Policy analyst

Policy analysts analyse policies and their effects to direct government and organisation programs and operations. They offer strategic policy and planning advice for organisations and should have excellent analytical abilities and an understanding of organisational policies and objectives.

NB: If you’re doing an Education degree, it’s worth considering specialising in English since English teachers are always in demand!

Top 5 booming niche jobs in English

1. Grant Writer

This requires writing and editing grants for companies and organisations, effective networking and launching fundraising campaigns all of which require excellent research, writing and editing skills, along with the ability to express complex ideas clearly and logically. These jobs also involve attracting funding and new business for companies and non-profit organizations.

2. Lobbyist

Lobbyists promote specific issues to legislators. Good lobbyists need excellent research and communication skills. Lobbyists work in a range of different sectors, including for non-profit organisations in pushing for public protections, civil rights and social justice.

3. Speech Writer

Developing speeches and presentations for political campaigns, government agencies, or executive corporations. The job requires the ability to synthesise new data in a range of fields and to manage blogs and write editorials and press releases.

4. Consultant

Consultants work in many industries in the areas of technology, business growth, employee relations, and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion), to help organisations achieve their goals. They serve in an advisory role, providing opinions, analysis, and recommendations to a company’s decision-makers to improve performance and prevent problems.

5. Paralegal

This job requires research, writing, and an expansive vocabulary. These professionals work alongside lawyers in offices, courtrooms, and legal departments, and need to be able to file, edit, write and work for a fast-paced law team.

Your options are endless with an English major

As you can see, there is a multitude of jobs available to graduates of the Bachelor of Arts with an English major, and the above are just a few. Have another specific passion? Match your English major with one of over 30 other majors and minors like Creative Writing, History or Screen and Media to create a unique pathway to the job of your dreams.

What are you waiting for? Apply for the Bachelor of Arts today.

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