Flinders ‘golden choice’ for business graduate Crystal Wang

Flinders business graduate Crystal Wang


Meet Crystal Wang, a business graduate with a Master of Accounting from Flinders University. Originally from China, Crystal first visited Adelaide with her husband in 2015.

Adelaide lifestyle

“We loved it here – the fresh air, scenery, beaches, people, plants, and animals – so much we decided to move here. I enjoyed the quietness and natural environment in Adelaide. It’s not like Sydney or Melbourne. It is very green, and friendly. People here are very kind-hearted, helpful, and optimistic. Every time I see someone smile at me on the street, I feel so warm inside.”

With over five years work experience in banking in China, and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, it was important to Crystal that she chose a Masters that allowed her to study in Australia and build on her existing knowledge – while also teaching her about the broader aspects of business including management, economics, and auditing.

A Flinders Master of Accounting degree provides students with an understanding of accounting and financial management. Topics include accounting fundamentals, information systems, quantitative methods, economics, management, commercial law, financial management, auditing, and business research methods.

Flinders Business Graduate Adelaide

Post-graduate career opportunities

Crystal chose to study the Master of Accounting with Flinders Business because of its high employability rate. She felt secure in the fact that the Careers and Employability Service would provide her with access to employers, tailored career advice, and a range of employment resources. “Flinders University improved my confidence, time management, and self-discipline. It helped me develop my communication skills, which is especially important for international students,” she says. It’s no wonder that Flinders Business is No. 1 in South Australia in Accounting and Economics for overall experience and teaching quality (The Good Universities Guide 2019).

No. 1 SA university for full-time employment The Good Universities Guide 2020 (postgraduate), public SA-founded universities only

“I loved the Flinders University Bedford Park campus and the sea view from the student hub. It is a really good place for students to relax after studying,” says Crystal of the facilities at Flinders main campus. “The library is very bright and active, the facilities are very user-friendly. There are lots of Apple computers, and during the revision weeks before exams, Flinders will provide prepared food and drinks, chocolates, energy bars, coffee, and hot chocolate, and provide us with stationary. These sweet gestures always touched me during the final weeks when I was stressed.”

Teaching and learning excellence

The teaching quality and learning experience within Flinders Business was a real highlight for Crystal. “I really loved the way that my Master of Accounting was structured. It was quite different to my education experience in China. In class, we are encouraged to ask questions and engage with each other. Plus, the teaching quality is very high, and the teachers are very approachable and helpful. They encouraged me to learn more, and motivated me for my assignments.”

No. 1 in Australia in Business & Management for overall experience The Good Universities Guide 2020 – overall quality of educational experience (postgraduate)

The Flinders University Work Experience Program has provided Crystal with work experience while studying. The program gives the business community access to enthusiastic volunteers preparing for their careers. In her final semester, Crystal took an internship with BT Financial Group, one of Australia’s leading wealth management organisations. This placement was invaluable to Crystal as it provided her with work experience in margin loans, customer service, and superannuation. It also allowed her to further develop communication skills and financial vocabulary. All while supporting her career goal to work in auditing for one of the ‘Big Four‘ accounting firms.

Industry connections

Crystal believes that Flinders is a great choice for students wanting both theoretical and practical knowledge. “Flinders is the golden choice for overseas students who want to study in Australia. Flinders will help you build a solid foundation for your future because it can provide a variety of working opportunities in big companies during your studies.”

If you would like to study in Australia and learn more about studying Business at Flinders University, you can browse our courses or enquire with our friendly team here.
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