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For international student, Ding Ding, the diversity in teaching staff and knowledge that Flinders provides was the key to personal excellence. “Teachers are student-focused,” Ding says. “They provide more resources and care for us.”

Moving from China to fulfil her dream of studying at a foreign university, there was no better choice than Flinders University. It has given her the opportunity to broaden her knowledge of business in an environment that is starting to feel like home.

According to Ding, Flinders has been, “very supportive,” and has helped her build confidence as she moves towards her career.

Just over halfway through her course, she has already found that the knowledge gained from being a student at Flinders is giving her the skills necessary to become an expert in global business management and a leader of organisations.

How to master the business world

In 2020, Ding will graduate with a Master of Business that will qualify her to work in a leading international organisation.
This is because the Flinders University Master of Business employs teachers with real industry experience, to teach courses that are based on the latest and greatest industry knowledge. Ding has learnt knowledge and theories from some of the world’s most successful companies and experienced academics.

These teachers come from all over the world. The diversity of the Flinders teaching staff means that students like Ding, who have come from overseas as well, can get the attention and support that they need to excel in their studies. Ding says that this is, “why I chose Flinders University,” adding how useful it has been to have such, “supportive teaching teams.”

“Teachers are student-focused. They provide more resources and care for us.”

Having such an experienced staff of professors means that the courses offered by Flinders are cohesive. This means that students aren’t forced to learn a lot of independent theories. All the knowledge in Flinders University courses builds on lessons from previous subjects and previous semesters.

Flinders Business students
Ding studying with friends

For example, the Marketing Principles topic gives students an introduction to the fundamentals of marketing management which is important for business leaders to understand. It covers the best practices in marketing, shows students how to understand customer behaviour and introduces students to the basics of marketing strategy. Students build on their understanding in the following semester with the Marketing Strategy topic, which gives an insight into how top companies have come to be so well known and successful.

Ding has found this to be one of the most interesting things in her course, saying, “all the theories and knowledge are interrelated with each other.” This means that Ding is not just learning facts from a textbook, she is learning frameworks of knowledge, which is developed into a set of skills as Ding constantly applies the things that she’s learnt.

“Knowledge from one subject links back to the knowledge we learn in other subjects,” Ding says.

More than ‘just a school’

Ding says that this kind of course structure is much more stimulating, and believes that it will lead to better outcomes when she starts working in the world of business.

On top of the great teaching staff at Flinders, Ding also appreciates the expertise and the help of other university staff, who have helped to make her studying experience the best it could be. One of the most influential people she has met in her time at Flinders was her course advisor. Their role is to provide students with advice on what career and degree are best suited to them individually, based on interests, experience, and grades.

“I would say the most influential person I’ve met at Flinders would be the International Department’s course advisor,” Ding says, saying that it is thanks to them she, “chose this course and is the reason I am studying at Flinders.”

Getting future-ready

A feature of Flinders University that sets it aside from other schools is the focus on Work Integrated Learning. Work Integrated Learning leverages Flinders’ relationships with industry partners to give students experience doing practical work that has demonstrated value.

“I haven’t done any work experience during my course yet,” Ding says, but it is one of the things she is looking forward to most. “I wish to complete a placement next semester.”

For Ding, doing a placement like this puts her closer to working her dream job at a multi-national company (MNC) when she graduates.

“I wish I could work at an MNC where I can use both my native language and English in the workplace. By studying enough theories and knowledge in an English environment, Flinders helps me to achieve this goal.”

Ding says that if this dream sounds familiar to you, then Flinders University is the best place to study.

“Don’t hesitate to choose this school. You won’t regret it.”

If you would like to study in Australia and learn more about studying Business at Flinders University, you can browse our courses or enquire with our friendly team here.

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