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“What excites me most about this field is that I have entered a world full of fantasy,” says Flinders film student, Yi Xu. “All the stories, new and exaggerated ideas in your mind – you can turn them into a reality in this industry.” Yi has held a fascination with film and documentaries since she was little, and is determined to make her mark by studying a Master of Screen and Media Production.

“It’s been my dream since I was a child to be engaged behind the scenes in film and television editing,” she says. “I hope one day I can make and edit Hollywood movies.” Her degree at Flinders is setting her on the path to this future career.

“My course covers a wide range of theory and practical elements,” Yi says. “From aesthetic and cultural theory, film and television appreciation, to the more hands-on production and post-production aspects.”

These include documentary and film production, 3D, and animation. “I’m also learning camera application, lighting, underwater camera, post software application, color matching research… and so much more.”

Adelaide lifestyle

Yi is enthusiastic about her adopted home, citing it as “…one of the most liveable cities in the world!” The pace of life and the beautiful surroundings appealed to the film student, to whom aesthetics are important. “It’s sunny here. Almost every day you can see bright sunshine and the starry night sky.”

Yi has found Adelaide to be a welcoming city. “The people here are very friendly. The pace of life is comfortable and not stressful.”

For an international student, living costs have to be factored into the decision making process. “Oh for sure – in Adelaide the cost of living is moderate – and families can afford it.” It’s also easy to get around on public transport.

“The school has a free loop bus to travel between campuses, with buses and trams are going in all directions in the city.”

With the addition of a train line extension, the travel time from the city to the Bedford Park campus will be as little as 20 minutes.

“From north to south there are all kinds of beaches,” Yi enthuses, with the main metropolitan beach Glenelg, being a 15-minute drive from Bedford Park. “There are plenty of shops and snacks around the beach suburbs too.” As for the city centre, Yi’s favourite haunts include “…Chinatown, the art gallery, and the zoo!”

Glenelg Beach, Adelaide

High-quality teaching and learning support

For Yi, choosing her university was an easy decision.“Flinders provides excellent education services so that students gain far beyond what they learn in the classroom. They actively help students to achieve their career goals steadily, and enter their career life better prepared,” she says.

Yi has been impressed with the modules and teaching quality in her course. “Flinders offers students the opportunity to learn a range of commonly used film and drama production skills, including research, writing, production, and post-production skills,” she says.

“I am excited by every field of my major: it has kind and helpful lecturers, comprehensive knowledge coverage, and good teacher-student interaction.”

The group work learning has proved fulfilling and has improved her communication skills. “My major requires students to complete the production of a documentary/film in a group. It cultivates communication, time management, and adaptability – not only to face and meet challenges but also to make like-minded friends.”

Practical, industry-based placements

“I worked with Flinders International to make a short documentary, helping students understand the role of Flinders International more comprehensively,” says Yi of a recent project she worked on. “This is not only a part of my study but also a part of my work. At the same time, this work experience also enables me to master more practical knowledge.”

Yi plans to become a film-maker and documentary-maker in the future. “I am applying for film and television production companies,” she says. “The course experience and career hub can help me to find such job opportunities.”

XI Yu Flinders International
Yi on location

Serene study environment

“The university life at Flinders is rich,” Yi says of her experience.“There are four libraries, various living, entertainment, and sports facilities, and more than 60 student associations.” The campus itself at Bedford is a firm favourite for Yi.

“What impresses me most is FUSA’s (Flinders Uni Student Association) self-study environment,” she says. “There are plenty of spaces for self and group study. It’s the best place for me to prepare for exams and write every time.”

Why choose Flinders?

“I would recommend Flinders to international students,” Yi says. “Not only do they provide excellent education services, resources, and new teaching methods – but they also help students to achieve their career goals steadily and be better prepared to step into their professional life.”

The International Student Services (ISS) have played a pivotal role in her university experience, stresses Yi. “ISS is an excellent support team. They carry out extensive measures to provide support for international students in course registration, academic and social life.”

Having worked closely with the team making a documentary, Yi has a high appreciation for their efforts. “They really pay special attention to the needs of international students.” For Yi, her time at Flinders has proved transformative.

“It has given me a wonderful year of my study life.”

Are you an international student considering studying film making and production at Flinders? Discover how studying a creative arts degree at Flinders can transform your dreams – and enable you to be future-ready like it has for Yi. Get in touch with our friendly team, and get ready to go beyond your ambitions with Flinders University.

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