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Flinders Computer Science student


“The world is evolving and technology is drastically changing,” says Flinders Bachelor of Computer Science student, Rafid Rahman. “Learning about technology intrigues me and the Bachelor of Computer Science allows us to get involved and hands-on with topics which can make an impact in the world.”

Why study Computer Science at Flinders?

“The course covers a broad spectrum, which goes through subjects involving programming, database management, and of course, cybersecurity,” says Rafid of his course. “The lecturers and tutors at Flinders are really friendly and helpful. They will always do their best to resolve any queries.”

Rafid chose Flinders thanks to its international reputation and rankings. “It also has excellent facilities and faculties,” says the student of the College of Science and Engineering.

Adelaide lifestyle

Wanting to feel safe and financially comfortable while studying was important to Rafid, and he felt he had found a second home in Adelaide. Ranked in the world’s top 10 most liveable and healthiest cities, the South Australian capital has more than lived up to his expectations. 

“Adelaide is very different from the other cities in Australia,” says Rafid of his adopted city. “The scenery is beautiful, you can travel anywhere with affordable transportation.”

One of the best things about Adelaide are the beaches, says the Bangladeshi student. “It feels like there is a beach every 10 minutes – and each one is more beautiful than the one before!”

Located just a 15-minute drive from the Bedford Park Campus is the main metropolitan beach Glenelg; a firm local, student, and tourist favourite. 

“All in all; the cultural diversities, food, scenery, and people made me decide to study in Adelaide.”  

Adelaide is more affordable than both Sydney and Melbourne (Economic Intelligence Unit Cost of Living Report 2018)

Glenelg Beach, Adelaide

Facilities on-campus

“The amenities in Flinders are excellent,” Rafid says of the Bedford Park and Tonsley campuses. Set across a sprawling hilltop, Flinders Bedford Park campus is a green haven for students. “The breathtaking view from the Bedford campus sets it apart from other universities.”

Flinders Connect is one of my favourite places to walk in and ask a quick question if I need to,” says Rafid. “The library has 24-hour access, 7 days a week which helped me when doing all-nighters.” He also enjoyed the study spaces in FUSA (Flinders University Student Association), with the “…beautiful ambient light, private study rooms and computers”. 

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By far his favourite place on campus, The Hub is loved by students and staff alike. “The Hub is a great place to sit back, relax and enjoy your day,” says Rafid. “Whether it’s by just catching up with friends, watching something on the big screen, or having a meal.” 

Flinders International
The Hub, Flinders Bedford Park Campus

Placement and career plans

Rafid discovered a passion for Data Science while studying for topics in database management and advanced databases.

“I was lucky enough to get a placement experience with SAGE Automation. Working there allowed me to learn more about the field of Data Science and understand my true passion.”

With a clear direction ahead of him, Rafid is confident of his career trajectory. 

“In five year’s time, I aspire to be successful in the field of Data Science, working as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist at a big company like Google,” says Rafid. “Flinders not only equipped me with the core skills for this; but also helped me develop myself as a human in terms of confidence and presenting myself.”

Advice for prospective students?

“If you are considering studying at Flinders, then look no further. It checks all the boxes. It has a great atmosphere, friendly people, best amenities and the best faculties,” says Rafid of his time at Flinders. 

“I would like to thank Flinders University for giving me so many memorable moments.” 

If you’d like to discover how a degree from Flinders University can transform your life – get in touch with one of our friendly team, today. It’s time to go beyond the ordinary, and unpause your future with Flinders. What are you waiting for?
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