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The Flinders Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship program recognises exceptional international students who have excelled in their previous studies and supports fearless future leaders to go beyond the ordinary and achieve the extraordinary.

With the launch of the scholarship program in late 2020, our first cohort of Vice-Chancellor Scholarship recipients began in Semester 1, 2021. Due to COVID-19, all are currently residing offshore and studying online from China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and India – and will be joining us on-campus when the borders open.

It’s this commitment to education, excellence, and perseverance that has marked these very special students for future greatness – and why we are so proud to award these inaugural Flinders scholarships.

Flinders University Scholarships China

Studying a Master of Teaching (Early Education) online from China

Tianyang is a passionate advocate for creating a more equal education experience for the underprivileged.

“During my undergraduate study, I volunteered to teach in several primary schools where the learning environment, resources, and facilities were extremely poor for students,” she says of her motivation to study a Master of Teaching.

“Due to the disadvantaged socioeconomic background, studying opportunities for those students were not readily available. It was this kind of experience that motivated me and confirmed my determination to dedicate my career and life to teaching.”

With big ambitions to establish a private kindergarten with her family in China, Tianyang is excited to study in Australia.

“In China, teachers with fluent English and overseas studying experience are in great demand, with many schools recruiting bilingual teachers,” she says, comfortable that her studies at Flinders in South Australia will greatly increase her competitiveness after graduating.

“Additionally, I chose to study in Australia because the quality of research and education is high.”

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Flinders University Scholarships Sri Lanka

Studying a Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) online from Sri Lanka

With aspirations to become an entrepreneur in the burgeoning field of Artificial Intelligence, Janageeeth is motivated by a strong personal desire to help others.

“I’m driven by two things: self-development and service to others,” says Janageeth. “I’m hoping my studies and the Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship will help me to contribute towards a better tomorrow – for everyone.”

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Attracted by the quality of education in Australia – and the amazing weather – Janageeth is looking forward to being able to come on-campus when the borders open. “Adelaide is one of the most liveable cities in the world … and I can’t wait to meet a kangaroo!”

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Flinders University Scholarships India

Studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Interactive Media and Entertainment Design) online from India

An aspiring Concept Artist – a designer who conceptualises character art for video games and film – Avik is a creative at heart.

“I’m an avid video game player and I’ve always wanted to be someone who is identified because of their unique creations,” he says. “My motivation in life is to always be looking forward; to be open to the possibility that something new and exciting can happen anytime. So, I’m excited for the Vice-Chancellor Scholarship, providing me with a lot of fun and engaging activities to participate in, and experience new things.”

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Flinders University Scholarships

Studying a Bachelor of Psychology online from Sri Lanka

Adi is a creative soul who wanted ‘to be an astronaut and a fashion designer – at the same time’ when she was younger.

“Later on I discovered my love for psychology – my main goal is to raise awareness back home,” says Adi of her career goals. “The Vice-Chancellor scholarship will give me a huge boost in reaching my goals.”

Though mostly interested in clinical psychology at the moment, she is looking to keep her options open for other career paths in psychology.

Adi has been enjoying studying online, after giving herself time to adapt to new modes of study. Psychology: research methods has been her favourite subject so far.

“Weirdly enough, I’ve found myself looking forward to the quizzes we have every week,” she laughs.

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Flinders University Scholarships

Studying a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics online from Macau

With noble career aspirations to ‘…provide affordable nutritional services to the needy’, Emily wants to raise public health awareness in the nutrition-related field.

“The Flinders Vice-Chancellor Scholarship provides me an opportunity to pursue my education goals, allowing me to advance my nutrition and dietetics education,” she says. “Ultimately making a difference in the nutrition field – and bringing a positive impact to the community.”

When not studying Emily enjoys playing the piano, cooking, and hiking.

“When I arrive in Adelaide I’m looking forward to the wonderful mixture between greenery and city life,” she says. “Its high standard of living and the affordable cost of living makes this city very liveable for students. I most look forward to exploring the Flinders campus and meeting all the incredible staff and teachers – as well as all my peers.”

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Interested in studying at Flinders University? You can start your degree online now and join us on-campus later. We’ll do everything we can to get our continuing students on-campus when the borders open – you’ll be our priority.
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