We are open: welcome to Flinders International Students! 

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Welcome to Flinders University! Whether you are a continuing student or a brand-new student in 2022, Flinders International is here to welcome you to our vibrant campus – and into the friendly Flinders community.

New to Flinders?

With your first weeks of university bringing Orientation Week, enrolment, arrivals, navigating new cultures, and a new country –  it can help to have someone friendly to turn to. For international students, we have an entire team dedicated to support in transitioning to study on campus: Internationals Student Services (ISS).

Hear from Bachelor of Psychological Sciences student Isha Li and Bachelor of Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) and Vice-Chancellor Scholarship recipient Janageeth Logeswaren on their 5 top tips for your first few weeks at uni.

Tips for international students starting at Flinders

1. Onshore? Let ISS know, submit an AskFlinders request, and provide your arrival date so they can update your record – click here.
2. Don’t forget to complete your FISO (Flinders International Student Orientation) online  – click here.
3. Plan your O’Week 2022 – click here.
4. Visa condition! Keep Flinders informed by updating the Student System with your address in Adelaide and Australian mobile number – click here.
5. Attend one of ISS’ information sessions – click here.


Who are International Student Services?

Situated in Level 1 of the Hub at Flinders Bedford Park Campus, the International Student Services (ISS) team is the first point of contact for all onshore international students. Including those studying online due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions.

The ISS team offers a range of programs supporting your enrolment, study, and social life, as well as referring students to services on campus and within the local community.

Flinders International Student Services
Flinders International Student Services team

ISS organises a general orientation program for new international students, day and weekend tours throughout the semester, social activities, and information sessions.

The ISS team supports international students who are experiencing challenges adjusting to the Australian academic and living environment, including one-to-one confidential appointments with an International Student Advisor.

They provide timely and specialised support to all onshore international students – including those studying online due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions – throughout their program of study. Learn more about how ISS can support you – by clicking here.

Flinders Bedford Park Campus Adelaide
Flinders Bedford Park Campus

Face-to-face learning and on-campus activities

While our campuses have remained open throughout the pandemic, we are all so thrilled for Australia’s international borders being open and our campuses returning to a busy hive of activity. Welcome to Flinders!

Got questions? Complete your Flinders International Student Orientation (FISO) via FLO as we have designed the FISO to help you succeed with your studies at Flinders University.

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