Advancing in Computer Science and embracing international opportunities with Uttam

Master of Computer Science Student

“The Master of Computer Science at Flinders is very beneficial and fruitful for students to excel in a career in IT.”

Born and raised in Nepal, Uttam Prasai’s passion for computer science propelled him to explore new horizons and pursue higher education in the field.

Determined to expand his knowledge and skills, Uttam enrolled in the Master of Computer Science program at Flinders. He shares his experience as an international student in Adelaide and the opportunities that have arisen from studying at Flinders.  

Choosing Flinders

“I decided to study in Adelaide because it is the most liveable place in Australia!”

Known for its convenient transportation system and affordability, Adelaide was the ideal city for Uttam. Its relaxed atmosphere created a welcoming environment for him to comfortably call home while pursuing his education. Uttam was particularly drawn to the city’s easy way of life.

The academic offerings at Flinders proved to be just as appealing as life in Adelaide.

Uttam was drawn to the comprehensive student support available to international students. The university’s central library and various labs provided ample resources for students to explore their chosen subjects in depth. 

Flinders also offers a welcoming campus culture, and its picturesque location, nestled between lush green spaces, are a highlight for Uttam. 

“Flinders has a very vibrant and captivating environment. The areas around us [on campus] are so pleasant.”

Flinders Bedford Park Campus
Flinders Bedford Park Campus

Master of Computer Science: A comprehensive program for future IT professionals

“I decided to study for a Master of Computer Science because today, everyone is so dependent on computers and software for carrying out our day-to-day tasks. Since I have already completed a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, I wanted to delve deeper into this field and expand my knowledge.”

The Master of Computer Science at Flinders is an extensive two-year program that equips students with advanced knowledge and skills in computer science. The curriculum covers a wide array of topics, including artificial intelligence, computer networks, cybersecurity, data analytics, human-computer interaction and software engineering. 

Uttam believes the program is highly advantageous for computer science students seeking to excel in their IT careers. The hands-on learning opportunities provided through workshops and practical classes in labs have given him exposure and prepared him to solve future real-world problems through IT. 

“This course provides all the required theoretical and practical training to make a good career in the IT industry, and also provides us with different methods of research.”

From Semester 1, 2024 the Master of Computer Science program will also be offered at our new city campus, Festival Plaza, providing opportunities to study alongside industry in Adelaide’s business and IT precinct. Find out more here.


Flinders new city campus
Flinders’ new city campus, opening 2024

Uttam’s advice for future international students

For those considering studying in Australia, Uttam wholeheartedly recommends Flinders.

“It’s a beautiful place with an abundance of topics. There are very well-trained teaching and non-teaching staff, which will make your journey easy.”

Uttam also suggests that students should take advantage of the international student community at Flinders, a valuable resource he discovered through the university’s official website. As well as making the experience more enjoyable, he believes that taking advantage of this community can lead to significant professional benefits for international students. To make the most of their time overseas, Uttam advises students to focus on honing their people skills. 

“Build a strong network, attend seminars and events, and meet new people related to your field.”

A bright future ahead

Uttam Prasai’s journey as an international student at Flinders University has been both enriching and fulfilling. Currently, Uttam is focused on developing new skills to meet the requirements of different IT companies, and he is grateful for the practical projects he has been able to undertake at Flinders.

He believes these opportunities have been crucial in sharpening his abilities and preparing him for the challenges of the real world. This, coupled with his admirable ambition, has ensured Uttam is well on his way to a successful career in the IT industry.

Interested in pursuing a career in Information Technology like Uttam? Future-proof your career with a Master of Computer Science at Flinders.

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