Temiloluwa’s passion for maths and the human body

Student, Temiloluwa on Flinders University Campus.

“I discovered that Biomedical Engineering integrates engineering principles and medical science. It was exciting, and I decided to go for it.”  

Originally from Nigeria, Temiloluwa was eager to find a course that aligned with her interests in mathematics and biology. She chose to pursue her ambitions at Flinders, starting her pathway with Flinders University Academy.

Motivated by her interests in biology, medical science, and mathematics, Temiloluwa discovered her academic calling in biomedical engineering.

“I stumbled upon the Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical) and learnt that it integrates engineering and medical science principles, that felt like the perfect fit,” she says.

Determined to find a path that would allow her to combine her interests in biology, medical science, and math, biomedical engineering was the answer to Temiloluwa’s academic goals.

Flinders University Academy

To gain direct entry to an engineering degree, Temiloluwa studied for a Diploma in Engineering at the Academy and refined her maths and physics skills over the course of 12 months, paving the way for her transition into her dream degree.

“My lecturers and professors have been the greatest source of support during my time at the Academy,” she says.

“I gained essential skills like referencing, academic writing and finding credible academic sources.”

Dedicated educators at the Academy provide students with a personalised learning experience. Students collaborate and learn in small groups where they are taught English, numeracy, study skills and specialised subjects.

Furthermore, the Academy facilitates international students’ adjustment to an Australian educational context, emphasising the importance of building strong peer relationships for a smoother transition to university.

In addition to equipping students with essential skills for their transition to university, the Academy provides various support services, from enrolment and timetabling to counselling.

A passion for mathematical formulas and the human body

“I’ve always been fascinated by math, I enjoy solving complex problems while also learning about the human body,” she says.

Now studying in her second year of the Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical) (Honours) at Flinders, a topic on engineering materials ignited Temilouwa’s new-found interest in research.

“My lecturer guided me towards a research topic that aligned perfectly with my aspirations in biomedical engineering.”

For Temiloluwa’s outstanding academic achievements, she has been recognised with two 20% scholarships throughout her studies. One for her Diploma program, and the second for her undergraduate studies.

Flinders has a wide range of scholarships to support international students to pursue their academic and career goals.

A serene life in Adelaide

Moseley Square, Glenelg, South Australia.
Moseley Square, Glenelg, South Australia.

Temiloluwa describes studying in Adelaide as “peaceful and lovely”, expressing that this laid-back city suits her perfectly as she values having calm and quiet spaces to recharge.

“There are lots of parks and beautiful scenic nature; while still having many lively places to have a good time with my friends,” she shares.

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