Washington Interns: 2020 cohort week 2

by Sebastian Davis

Settling In

This week, we truly began to immerse ourselves into American culture and living. For many of us, this included being introduced to students and interns from a wide range of states in America, which has provided us with a great chance to create new connections that would span continents. As we continued to work in our offices, our colleagues would provide us with more responsibilities in the workplace, such as drafting congressional reports, and writing correspondence to our member’s constituents regarding legislation. One of us Australian interns has even written a report discussing the potential bias of a media outlet that would be utilised by the office. For many interns, this week has been a busy one, with the recent developments in the House and the Senate regarding the Impeachment, allowing us to witness history being written. This was possibly most exemplified a few days ago, when a number of us witnessed a protest in one of the Senate buildings in real time, showing how significant our time here will be. This will no doubt leave us with memories and knowledge that will be remembered long into our careers.

We have also begun the early stages of our Final Essays, which will form the vast majority of our assessment. Now that most of us have started in our offices, we have access to some of the greatest sources in the world. These pieces will be the largest many of us have ever written, and could not be complete anywhere other than Washington D.C.

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