What on Earth is a TSA?

Technology Safeguards Agreements are not documents that get much attention, but for some they can make or break the viability of their business. Joel Lisk – […]

Artificial Intelligence: Threat or Theatre?

Robert Chalmers, Senior Lecturer in Law, Flinders University POLICY PERSPECTIVES #9, January 2024 | DOWNLOAD THIS POLICY PERSPECTIVE | DOI.ORG/10.25957/6wzn-tw75 AI: Threat of Theatre? In 2023 […]

Silencing for Safety

Does banning the internet keep people safe, or is it a breach of their human rights? Perspectives from South Asia. Dr Leoni Connah, Lecturer in Government, […]

Space War = Space Money?

The Preventing Space War Forum earlier this year raised an important question: what role are commercial entities playing in the space domain and what happens if […]