Your chance to view the 6DOF Hexapod Robot!

The award winning Six Degree of Freedom Hexapod Robot will feature as part of this year’s Australian Engineering Week. The Hexapod Robot, which received the highest award at Engineers Australia’s South Australian Engineering Excellence Awards in 2012, will be on show at Flinders University on Wednesday 7th August, 9.30am-11am. For your chance to join us for a presentation and demonstration of the robot, register online.

The Hexapod Robot, based at the Medical Device Research Institute at Flinders University, was developed to enhance understanding of the 3D performance of normal and diseased joints and their artificial replacements by simulating complex joint motion. It very precisely simulates people walking, bending, twisting and lifting to within fractions of a millimetre, which allows researchers to determine the force placed on joints from repeated movements or actions.

To watch a short video about the Hexapod Robot, click here.

If you are unable to attend the presentation but would like more information, please refer to the MDRI website.

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