International spotlight on MDRI Biomechanics research

Biomechanics expert Associate Professor John Costi and PhD student Dhara Amin both travelled to Banff, Canada earlier this month to attend the 45th ISSLS Annual Meeting The International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine May 14-18.
John presented Flinders research through both a scientific presentation ‘The biomechanics of the inter-lamellar matrix and the lamella during lumbar disc herniation: which is the weakest link’? J. Tavakoli, D. Amin, B.J. Freeman, J.J. Costi and a poster ‘Investigation of the combinations of loading and facet joint contributions to lumbar disc herniation‘B.K. Kamitakahara, D.B. Amin, J.J. Costi.

In addition, he was co-chair of two sessions during the conference.

Dhara also presented her research at the prestigious conference with a scientific presentation for her abstract ‘Analysis of internal disc strains during simulation of repetitive lifting motions’D. Amin, C. Moawad, J.J. Costi and a poster ‘Serum metal levels after removal of spinal instrumentation’ D.B.Amin, O.L. Osti.

Very productive discussions were held with international colleagues with regards to establishing new collaborations with the MDRI Flinders University.



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