MDRI Biomedical Engineer wins ARC Future Fellowship

MDRI Biomedical Engineer, Dr Saulo Martelli, was awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship, announced on August 2nd.

The $726,125 grant will be used to investigate the impact of regular physical activity on the bone strength of ageing Australians.

“Our research will analyse the effect of physical activity on bone strength and the way strength reduces over time when exposed to regular load bearing pressures like physical activity,” Dr Martelli says.

Dr Martelli says the results will improve the design of implant devices after bone injuries and also contribute to the engineering of biological tissue.

It will also provide a unique insight into the bone mechanics of ageing Australians for the first time.

“Hopefully we can find the missing piece of information required to begin intervention programs for problems we have with ageing, bone injuries and pathology in general,” he says.

With almost 5 million Australians aged over 50 suffering osteoporosis and the population ageing, effective prevention and treatment methods are becoming increasingly important.

“This is a process which will employ high resolution bone imaging devices unique to Flinders so can replicate the impact of regular physical activity.

“The core technology being used here has only been used in a few labs around the world and requires powerful super computers to translate the impact of activity on each tiny piece of the bone,” Dr Martelli says.

Click here to read full article by Flinders University.

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