MDRI Students EMBC adventure

MDRI PhD students Tyra Lange, Rebekah O’Loughlin, Alicia Mitchell and Thomas Beltrame recently attended the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) Conference in Sydney. […]

MDRI Showcase event - 27 September

The Medical Device Research Institute conducts world leading, collaborative research into Medical Devices to meet challenges facing the global healthcare sector. You are invited to join us […]

National Industry PhD Grant

Congratulations to MDRI Deputy Director, Professor Mark Taylor for being awarded a National Industry PhD grant. The Flinders University project led by Professor Mark Taylor and […]

MDRI Pillar Leads

We are pleased to announce the below appointments as MDRI Pillar Leads: Research Director – Associate Professor John Costi Facilities Lead – Prof Egon Perilli Research Translation […]

Grant Success

Together with colleagues from Adelaide University (A/Prof Lyndsey Collins-Praino, Dr Alexandra Whittaker, Ines Semendric, Olivia Haller and Dr Rebecca George), Dr David Hobbs, A/Prof Kenneth Pope and Bek O’Loughlin were successful […]

Deep Learning Skills

Article by Denny Yun (Electronics Engineer for MDPP). I’m excited to share that I recently completed the “DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer” and “Deep Learning” courses as part of my professional development.  […]

Purifying contaminated water

MDRI alumni Dr Michael Smith has been working on an idea to create a water-efficient treatment system for remote desert dialysis. Michael did his PhD on […]