Visit to Utju, NT: an intern’s reflection

Rachel (pharmacist intern at Alice Springs Hospital) with Lisa Wark (Continuing Quality Improvement Pharmacist at Central Australian Aboriginal Congress and Dr Danny Tsai at the Utju Health Service

“In February, I was fortunate enough to join Lisa (Congress pharmacist) and Danny (ASH pharmacist) on a visit to the small but quaint community of Utju, 240km west of Alice Springs.

We had the opportunity to visit the Utju Congress clinic and met the lovely nurses that were responsible for running the clinic. I was able to learn about the scope of practice of remote area nurses  and how they prescribe medications in remote settings.

After a tour of the clinic, I assisted in a stock count and also conducted a quick audit on the dose administration aids dispensed for patients. It was amazing to see how well stock is managed in the clinic despite its remote location. Finally to conclude the trip, I delivered a presentation to the clinic staff on the use of medications during pregnancy and lactation. Overall, it was an eye-opening experience learning about the challenges faced by healthcare professionals practicing in remote settings,  and it was truly inspiring to witness the incredible work the clinic nurses do to help improve Indigenous health in remote communities.”

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