Get to know your College: Hanan Abdul Rahim, Master of Biotechnology

Hanan Abdul Rahim, Master of Biotechnology

Studying at Flinders University has been the best decision! I feel confident and ready to explore the job market. As an international student in Adelaide during the pandemic, I was really well supported by the University staff, particularly the International Student Services team which provides educational and psychological supports. The environment at Flinders is warm and welcoming, and I took no time to settle in. I would highly recommend Flinders to anyone who is passionate to learn more!

 What are you studying? I’m studying a Master of Biotechnology. It covers a range of specialisations including molecular biology, medical, industrial, food, and agricultural biotechnology, as well as its various applications. The course has aided in the development of good scientific, moral, and socially conscious approaches to complex challenges in various science fields for the benefit of contemporary societal economic and social wellbeing, with the primary focus on research. In Flinders, the course has been designed to cover the main aspects of the Biotechnology Industry including interaction with external industry-based personnel with expertise in financial management, patenting and intellectual property and marketing for case studies.

What is it about this field that excites you? Biotechnology is exciting because it can be applied to all fields of science. After my post-graduation in Microbiology in 2010 and life as a mum, getting back into the science field was challenging due to the many advances in the field. However, the Biotechnology course structure at Flinders covers aspects that broaden your knowledge, help you grow professionally, and help to ensure that, upon graduation, you are career ready.

Describe your learning experience at Flinders. Research was the most exciting and challenging part of my degree; it was constant learning at each step with lots of opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills. The guidance from the supervisors and the support from staff made my journey smooth. My educational experience at Flinders has sharpened my skills and passion towards confidently choosing the research path.

What practical placements or experiences have you had? The research was a hands-on experience that has given me confidence. Each topic had exposure towards the various sectors of biotechnology. We also had lots of opportunities to meet with experienced people from industry so that we could better understand the range of employment opportunities the degree opens up for us.

Where do you see your studies taking you? This course has opened up different and unique paths towards almost all the science-related fields. It has made me curious to explore and I am excited to put my education to good use! I am lucky to now be putting my skills to excellent use in the COVID-19 pre-testing lab, after one of my lecturers let me know about the job opportunity!

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