Expression of Interest: RAP Implementation Group and Co-Chairs

Are you keen to contribute more to reconciliation activities in the College? Join the CMPH RAP Implementation Group

The Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is part of the University’s ongoing work to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation, retention and success in higher education and commits to celebrating the success and self-determination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The RAP provides a critical framework to commit to reconciliation as part of everyday practice, and acknowledges the vital role it plays in building understanding and acceptance of our shared histories, and in working towards a shared future.

In 2020, the College established the CMPH RAP Implementation Group. Co-chaired by Maree Meredith, Kath Martin and Jonathan Craig, the group has a diverse membership inclusive of academic and professional staff members from across many College teams and locations. The group is focussed on implementation and monitoring of College initiatives directly linked to the 16 action areas within the RAP.

In 2021, the Implementation Group has facilitated a range of activities including:

  • A dedicated session focussed on reconciliation at the College Retreat
  • Open discussions regarding cultural awareness and education programs in the College
  • RAP one year anniversary events in Darwin and Bedford Park
  • Sessions to critically analyse biases in education and assessment
  • CMPH RAP Showcase Forum in September
  • Elders on Campus Forums.

The Group has also contributed to RAP reporting frameworks and worked together with the team in the Office of Indigenous Strategy and Engagement to support and promote a range of reconciliation events across the University during 2021.

To continue this critical work in the College, the RAP Implementation Group is opening EOIs to expand the membership of the group, and welcome new members for 2022. If you are a staff member, student or affiliate committed to furthering reconciliation in the College, and University, we encourage you to express your interest in participating.

Those interested in joining the Implementation Group should submit an EOI by 26 November 2021 to and include one to two paragraphs outlining their interest and commitment to the RAP.

Renewing the Co-Chair team

To support shared leadership in reconciliation the RAP Implementation Group will also renew the Co-Chair team for 2022. The goal is to achieve a new Co-Chair team comprising:

  • A combination of one Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff member and one non-Indigenous staff member;
  • A balance of Co-Chairs from NT and SA;
  • A balance between senior and junior members of staff.

EOIs are now open to staff with an interest in the role of Co-Chair, and can be submitted to by 26 November 2021. EOIs should comprise no more than one page, and summarise:

  • Personal reflection and commitment to reconciliation;
  • Reflection on personal leadership style and approach to working inclusively in teams;
  • Summary of specific areas of interests from the 16 RAP action areas.

The new Co-Chair team will be ably supported by the current Co-Chairs and Executive Officer.


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