2021 College of Medicine and Public Health staff awards

Staff celebrating in the Plaza at Bedford Park campus following the CMPH staff awards

On 15 December, the College held its annual staff awards to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and excellence of our staff and students. This year’s recipients came from a range of specialisations and sites across the College.

Congratulations to the following staff award recipients for 2021:

Lifetime Achievement Award: this award is designed to acknowledge distinguished career achievements, major lifetime contributions to teaching or research, plus national and international recognition of excellence in teaching and/or research. It also acknowledges those people who provide a lasting legacy to the College and the University more broadly, through building successful teaching and/or research programs.

Congratulations Professor Simon Brookes

VPED Service Award: this award is designed to recognise the significant contributions of staff that may not be recognised in other ways. This award acknowledges outstanding service and significant contributions to the College, particularly focused on developing culture, demonstrated leadership and team building, significant contribution to enhancing the reputation and standing of the College, service and community engagement.

Congratulations Professor Andrew Bersten and Dr Jacqueline Stephens

Teaching Innovation & Scholarship Award
The Teaching Innovation and Scholarship Award is designed to recognise excellence and innovation in teaching, educational leadership that has influenced and enhanced learning and teaching and/or the student experience in the last year.

Congratulations Associate Professor Hossein Afzali and Dr Voula Gaganis

Outstanding Student-centred Teaching & Learning Award
Our values at Flinders are under-pinned by our student-centred ethos and the Outstanding Student-centred Teaching & Learning Award is designed to celebrate and recognise the efforts of CMPH staff that have developed successful approaches to teaching and the support of learning that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn.

Congratulations Dr Helen Harrison and Dr Svetlana King

VPED Award for Outstanding Supervision
The VPED Award for Outstanding Supervision acknowledges the outstanding contribution made by supervisors in the College, across a range of programs. Supervisors dedicate time to support, mentor and educate students and play an influential role in delivering a high-quality student experience. Nominations were invited from students, staff and peers across the following categories of supervision: HDR, Honours, Advanced Studies and Clinical Placement.

Congratulations Professor Janni Petersen

VPED Teaching Excellence Award
The VPED Teaching Excellence Awards recognise and reward teaching excellence and innovation. Team and individual nominations are accepted and the process to nominate and award these accolades was completed earlier in 2021.

In 2021, this award is presented to a team who facilitated the new Bachelor of Paramedic Science NT degree. The team comprises:
Congratulations Dr Tim Rayner, Associate Professor Narelle Campbell, Anthea Cayetano, Deb Boyko, Andrew Thomas (Director of Ambulance Services, St John Ambulance Australia NT)

CMPH Reconciliation Award
The CMPH Reconciliation Award recognises the outstanding efforts of individual staff and/or teams in leading activities or projects that promote reconciliation and positive race relations.

Congratulations Laura Spencer

Professional Support Services Award
The Professional Support Services Award recognizes exemplary service by a professional support services staff member working in the College who has made a significant and outstanding positive impact. Nominations needed to demonstrate commitment to delivering successful outcomes for the College as a whole, collaboration with other groups and teams in the College and University, proactive problem solving, working with individuals and teams in challenging situations under pressure, and ensuring high quality services to meet the needs of our students and academic staff.

Congratulations Sam Sing Sra, Tracy Nicholls and Susanne Taylor

Professional Research Staff Award
The Professional Research Staff Award recognises exemplary service by a professional staff member employed in the College in a role conducting research. Nominations needed to demonstrate an outstanding contribution to the outcomes of one or more research projects, significant contribution to the development and refinement of research techniques, demonstrating a positive attitude and proactively solving problems.

Congratulations Elise Tucker

Early Career Research Award
The 2021 Early Career Research Award is awarded to the distinguished Early Career Academics who has demonstrated excellence in a range of the categories including publications and research translation.

Congratulations Dr Ashley Hopkins and Dr Alyce Martin

Mid-Career Research Award
The 2021 Mid-Career Research Award is awarded to up to two distinguished CMPH Mid-Career academics. The awardee/s will have demonstrated excellence in at least two categories in the last year

Congratulations Associate Professor Simon Conn and Dr Amy Reynolds

Senior Research Award
The Senior Research Award is presented to a distinguished senior researcher in the College. Nominations in this category must demonstrate excellence across a number of categories including research funding, publication output, service to their discipline, supervision of students and evidence of research translation.

Congratulations Professor Stuart Brierley

PhD/Postdoctoral Award
The PhD/Postdoctoral Award is awarded to up to three recipients each year. Nominees can be in their final year of a PhD or up to 24 months post PhD completion.

I am pleased to announce that there are two recipients of the PhD / Postdoctoral Award in 2021.
Congratulations Bastien Lechat and Andrea Natsky

Honours Award
Two Honours Awards are awarded each year. The first prize is for the top ranked Honours student based on the final academic results presented to the exam board.

This award is presented jointly to Bridget Mooney  and Paris Mazzachi

The second prize is awarded to recognise excellence. The awardees demonstrate excellence in categories including Service to the discipline, External/University engagement or awards and Publications.

Congratulations Madeline Fitzgerald

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