Nurses participate in Transition to Remote Area Nursing Program


The first two-week intensive of the Transition to Remote Area Nursing Program (TRAN) has commenced in Alice Springs.

These intensives, which are a mandatory component of the Graduate Certificate in Remote Health Practice (GCRHP), provide education across content areas that underpin practice within the discipline of remote health.

The first week, is open to participants from all health disciplines, it is led by Indigenous academics and introduces Indigenous heath and the remote practice setting.

A cultural tour to Angkerle Atwatye -Standley Chasm.

Students explore determinants of Indigenous health outcomes and the requirements for culturally safe practice.

During the week, students visited Standley Chasm where they were taught about the flora, fauna, and cultural history of the area by Arrernte guides.

The students also visited Purple House, an Indigenous-led renal dialysis service based on a unique model of care centred on family, country, and culture.

The second week of the program, specifically for nurses, exposes students to the advanced clinical skills required for remote practice.

The extended nature of remote practice requires competency in skills not traditionally included in undergraduate nursing curricula.

The students learn from expert clinicians and get ‘hands-on’ experience using new skills in a simulated environment.

Spots are still available for specific TRAN programs through out the year.

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