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Jason Arsanious is a doctor of the future.

Pursuing his passion for medicine and patient care by studying the Flinders Bachelor of Medical Science, he says the degree is much more than just a pathway to becoming a doctor.

“While many people come into this degree wanting to get into postgraduate medicine,” he says, “this medical science degree opens a student’s eyes to the work of medical scientists and people often change their end goal from becoming a doctor to becoming a medical scientist.

“I see my studies presenting me with the opportunity to pursue a career as a Doctor through the Flinders MD program; however, the Bachelor of Medical Science has exposed me to various fields of medicine and the content in this degree has helped me decide that I want to pursue neurosurgery or neurology as a doctor.”

The Bachelor of Medical Science provides exciting options for students interested in a wide range of careers in the medical and health sciences and emphasises the biomedical sciences that underpin virtually all fields of medical science.

Jason says this is only enhanced for him with the Bedford Park campus being closely associated with the Flinders Medical Centre, providing an environment that simulates exactly what students can expect in their careers.

Networking and interaction between people with a shared passion for medicine and medical science all part of the learning journey.

“My learning experience at Flinders is fantastic,” Jason says. “I love learning physiology and neurology because although they are highly challenging topics, they provide an overview of who people are at the most fundamental level.

“The practical opportunities within physiology are extremely beneficial in consolidating my knowledge while also being enjoyable.

“The lecturers are world class, the facilities are incredible, and the atmosphere on campus is unmatched. While Flinders is quite challenging academically, the staff are extremely supportive and are all willing to help you as much as possible.”

As the current President of the Flinders University Medical Science Society, Jason says the tight-knit community of students is one of the highlights of studying at Flinders.

“While it is away from the city centre compared to other universities, this makes it much more of an enjoyable location to study at,” he says.

“We form a community on campus that I believe helps a Flinders student’s social life. When this community is coupled with the vibrant campus and areas dedicated to collaboration and socialisation such as the Hub, students at Flinders experience an extremely positive campus setting.”

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