Rural Intern – Sarah McArthur, Mt Gambier


Originally from Clare in the mid-north of South Australia, Sarah McArthur is currently working as an intern at the Mt Gambier hospital and undertaking rural medical training. Her future goal is to be a fully accredited rural GP in country Australia.

Sarah studied medicine at Flinders University and always enjoyed her rural placements as a student. A special memory of her time as a student helped solidify her future choice to train and work in a regional community.

“One of my most memorable patients was a lady I saw as a medical student. I had the privilege of seeing her monthly throughout her pregnancy, being there during her labour and supporting her through the delivery of her baby, then seeing the baby for the next couple of weeks back at the clinic. She is a patient that I’ll never forget.”

Sarah does not regret choosing to complete her intern year in a rural area.

“I love the community and relationships that being in the country provide. I’ve always had an interest in rural medicine and having the opportunity to work and learn in Mount Gambier has solidified that for me. I always thought I’d be a general practitioner because I enjoy all aspects of medicine. I also love having long-term relationships and continuity with my patients and general practice allows me to bring all these aspects together.”

Although the work is hard and hours may be long, Sarah says the rewards far outweigh any negatives.

“My favourite part about working rurally is getting to know and seeing my regular patients and hearing stories about their lives. I also love working at Mount Gambier hospital because everyone in the hospital knows who I am and I know everyone who works there. It’s such a special environment and something that you would never get in a larger metropolitan hospital.”

Sarah has a message to share with anyone considering studying medicine and being part of the rural medical program.

“Take the leap of faith. You will develop skills that your colleagues are envious of, and you will truly be embraced and blessed by the community that you choose to work in.”

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