A good foundation to build a passionate career with Flinders Medical Science


An interest in human physiology and the effect of disease led Caitlin Allman to the field of medical science, in which she has just completed her honours year.

With a focus on physiology, neuroscience and microbiology throughout her undergraduate degree, Caitlin’s interest and her excitement to learn grew.

“I’m passionate about improving health experiences for people and wanted to study in a field that would give me a good foundation for that passion,” said Caitlin.

A variety of elective options within the medical science degree at Flinders is what it made it stand out to Caitlin.

“Other universities I looked at didn’t have the variety or topics that met my interests, but Flinders did.

“I was lucky enough to take topics in microbiology, neuroscience, physiology and pharmacology.”

She also enjoyed the calmness and serenity of the campus environment, particularly being able to take a break to sit or walk around the lake, taking time to relax and think.

Having grown up in the country, she was interested in the Flinders campus and enjoyed that it never feels overcrowded despite the number of people and that there’s always somewhere to sit and study both inside and outside.

Exciting study options with Medical Science

As well as the variety of topics and unique learning environment, Caitlin was excited by the study options available within the medical science degree, including the opportunity to undertake placements.

“I have undertaken both a summer placement and a semester placement topic which have helped me develop a number of laboratory skills. Placements have also developed both my written and spoken communication skills, teamwork and organisational skills.”

As part of her placements, Caitlin got hands on experience in a lab and also had practice in report writing and presenting niche scientific information to a general science audience.

The Flinders experience also allowed Caitlin to hear from different researchers, visit their laboratories and see some of their research in action.

A passion for knowledge

Throughout her studies, Caitlin was always interested in completing honours as a path to help her determine whether she felt more suited to a medical research career or a career as a medical doctor.

She felt that honours would present an opportunity to dive into understanding a niche field while also learning many transferable skills and further developing resilience.

“When I began my undergrad degree, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue down the medicine or research path or maybe even both! The wide variety of topics I undertook at Flinders fuelled my passion for knowledge and problem solving.

“My honours year has confirmed that I prefer a career with a greater aspect of interaction with people and I hope to study medicine next year.”

If you are passionate about improving the health of your community through a range of medical and health sciences, choose to study Medical Science at Flinders University.

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