Strong interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan


After six months of consultation and development, the draft Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan (ATSIHP) is nearing completion and is attracting strong interest from internal and external stakeholders.

“As we are going back to community and partners with the draft plan, we have been pleased to hear so many people welcoming the plan and keen to engage with Flinders,” Poche SA+NT Director Associate Professor Maree Meredith said.

“Now an increasing number of people are also asking when the plan is going to be launched. They want to work with us on implementation, because the Plan is offering initiatives that they have asked for.

“The Plan provides a framework for the College, with detailed plans for Adelaide, Alice Springs and Darwin – with the opportunity for staff to add in tailored plans for our other key locations such as Katherine and Ceduna over the next couple of months, once the Plan has been launched.

“We created a process for development of the plan based on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander methodology that really offers a great model for community-led engagement in universities.

“We want people in the neighbourhoods around our universities to say ‘Flinders is having a really positive impact on my life’ – but we can only achieve that if we start with a framework built around community needs and priorities.

“This Plan will be useful, practical and relevant to all staff in the College, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous and ties in clearly with other Flinders strategies, as well as some national policies.

“It’s exciting to see the Plan progress, with leadership and input from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff across the College.”

Feedback from the latest consultations is being used to fine tune the plan, which has been developed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff within CMPH, working with students, prospective students, community and private sector representatives, partners and peers.

The plan has been sent to all areas of the College for feedback, with responses due at the end of next week.

It will be launched in Adelaide at a College Forum on 19 October.

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