Renmark campus welcomes visiting professors


Renmark’s Riverland campus was buzzing with activity on Wednesday as it hosted a special visit from College Vice President and Executive Dean Jonathan Craig, Claire Drummond, and the newly appointed Director of the University Department of Rural Health SA, Kim Pearce. The visit was a great opportunity for students and staff at the campus to interact with the professors and learn from their wealth of knowledge.

The day began with the MDRS (Doctor of Medicine Rural Stream) students participating in advanced life support simulations for both adults and paediatrics. The simulations were led by Clinical Educators Dr Jo Rutzen and Dr James McLeod. Interprofessional Educator (IPE) Sandra Crockett conducted a revision of theory with students and Sarah-Jane Dawson (IPE)  also assisted in managing the simulation stations. Belinda Olsen Lecturer in Clinical Skills and Simulation (CMPH Bedford Park) travelled to Renmark to observe the activities.

(L – R): Sandra Crockett, Interprofessional Educator (IPE), MPH Vice President Executive Dean Jonathan Craig, Kim Pearce, Director University Department of Rural Health (SA), Sarah-Jane Dawson Interprofessional Educator (IPE), Claire Drummond Deputy Dean RRHSA and Belinda Olsen, Lecturer in Clinical Skills and Simulation (CMPH Bedford Park).

During the lunch break, Jonathan Craig had the chance to chat with campus staff and students, giving them an opportunity to learn more about his work and ask questions. The informal session was a great way to foster closer relationships between the students and staff and visiting professors.

In the afternoon, Jonathan met with local mayors, state and federal members, and the cross-border commissioner. The meeting was a chance to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the region and how the university could help support the community. It was a productive session that allowed everyone to share their thoughts and ideas.

MDRS students doing advanced life support simulations

The day ended with a dinner in Berri, where Jonathan, MDRS students, and their Clinical Educators met to chat and exchange ideas. The dinner was a great way to wrap up the day’s events and build on the connections made earlier in the day.

Overall, the visit by Professors Jonathan Craig, Claire Drummond, and Kim Pearce was a fantastic opportunity for the students and staff at Renmark’s Riverland campus. It allowed them to learn from leading academics in the field, network with other professionals in the industry, and build closer relationships with their peers.

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