Membranes and Health: A Biophysics Workshop

Running as part of Biophysics Week for 2018, the Centre hosted a workshop on “Membranes and Health”. A range of invited speakers from around Australia and New Zealand, including some from Flinders university, discussed what is happening at the lipid bilayer from a range of perspectives. The researchers came from multiple disciplines, including physics, biology, chemistry, and medicine, which highlighted the multi-disciplinary of this field of research. The presentations nicely complemented each other, each looking at the lipid membrane from a slightly different perspective.

The day was well attended, with almost 40 guests, some 40% of whom visited from outside the university in order to attend. The Centre was excited to host this successful event, and many of the participants expressed a desire for a continuing discussion in the area. Stay tuned, most likely there will be another version coming next year!

Almost 40 guests attended our Membranes and Health workshop, pictured here enjoying afternoon tea on the rooftop terrace at Bedford Park
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