Welcome to our new team and new Research Higher Degree students

We are thrilled to welcome Associate Professor Rebecca Golley as our research lead and her research team. Listed below are the projects they are working on. Please contact them if you are interested in their work.


Rebecca Golley is leading a number of state and national funded projects:

Life on Holidays: Fitness lost, fatness regained? (NHMRC grant).

Determinants of inequality in child oral health at school age– A prospective cohort study (NHMRC grant).

Development and evaluation of tools and interventions to increase Australian children’s vegetable intake (Horticulture Innovation Australia grant)

Rebecca is assisted in these projects by two Research Fellows: Dr Lucy Bell and Dr Dorota Zarnowiecki

Rebecca is also a chief investigator on an NHMRC funded Centre of Research Excellence in the Early Prevention of Obesity in Childhood.



Rebecca also supervises the following PhD students:

Joyce Haddad is examining the role of nutrition messaging to enhance the feedback provided through the CSIRO Healthy Diet Score.



Brittany Johnson is seeking to understand ways to support parents to reduce provision of discretionary choices (unhealthy foods) to children.



Chelsea Mauch is investigating digital technology supports for parents to improve the quality of evening meals provided to children



In addition to the new research team, we also warmly welcome two new Research Higher Degree students:

Morgan Pankhurst, PhD Candidate

I am excited to be joining the project team that is developing a toolkit of valid and reliable instruments to assess food service satisfaction in the residential aged care setting. Food service satisfaction is complex and often measured solely by the experience of the consumer (resident) however other stakeholders such as chefs/cooks, nursing staff, carer staff and management impact the system and contribute to quality improvement. Our aim is to develop a suite of tools designed to assess satisfaction and measure change among the various stakeholders involved in the provision of food in this setting. This research is conducted in conjunction with the Maggie Beer Foundation. My principle supervisor is Professor Michelle Miller and my associate supervisor is Dr Alison Yaxley.



Georgia Middleton, PhD Candidate

The title of my PhD topic is Changes in Family Food Practices: 25 year Comparison.  I will be looking at qualitative data collected 25 years ago on family food practices, shopping, cooking and eating behaviours, and comparing that with data I will collect from families now, looking at what has changed or what hasn’t changed, and how this may impact nutrition status, health and wellbeing.  My primary supervisor is Professor John Coveney, associate supervisor is Associate Professor Rebecca Golley and adjunct supervisor is Dr Karen Patterson.


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