American Society for Nutrition Conference Recap, Boston June 2018

Brittany Johnson, Dr Kacie Dickinson and A/Prof Rebecca Golley (L-R)


In June, Associate Professor Rebecca Golley, Dr Kacie Dickinson (currently based at the University of Toronto), and PhD candidate Brittany Johnson travelled to Boston to attend the inaugural American Society for Nutrition Conference, along with over 3,500 delegates. It was a jam-packed four-day conference program covering all areas of nutrition research, including career development and research to practice sessions. The conference provided a great opportunity to hear about new research and to develop links with researchers in America, Canada and beyond.

A highlight was a presentation given by Dr Sophie Nicklaus, Danone International Prize for Alimentation recipient, about her fascinating research into the power of pleasure. Dr Nicklaus’ research explores how early eating experiences from being exposed to the taste, appearance and flavour of healthy foods, and from the positive experience of eating sociably with family and friends, children can learn to derive pleasure from healthy food.

Brittany presented her work on validation of the Parental Food Attitude Questionnaire and gained valuable international feedback. To read more about the questionnaire development see the recent publication in Nutrition & Dietetics.

Next year’s conference will be held in Baltimore, keep an eye out for the abstract submission site opening towards the end of the year.

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