Religious Leaders Forum

There is no forum for the gathering of religious leaders in SA.

Dilip Chirmuley is exploring how Oasis may facilitate this. We think that interfaith might best be located within the neutral environment of local government, such as that modeled by the City of Dandenong in Melbourne. In this case, the Mayor hosts an annual reception of religious leaders who sign on to a declaration of community harmony. The reception facilitates socialization and communication among the local faith groups.

While Oasis may act as a catalyst to initiate (a) forum(s) for religious leaders in SA, we hope this may eventually become the province of the Multifaith Association of SA acting as the peak interfaith body in SA.

 Later in the year, Oasis may host a gathering to discuss research outcomes of a project being undertaken by the Uniting Church to examine the interfaith scene in Victoria and Tasmania.

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