Research installations for student recruitment event 9th August

Students interested in exploring research pathways want to meet you and discuss possible shared research interests.  They are being invited to join FHMRI researchers who are seeking students -either Professional Placement, Honours, Masters of Biotech or HDR – on Wednesday 9th August, 11.30am – 1pm, 5 305, FMC.

We are recommending prospective supervisors bring an ‘installation’ to help bring their research to life and encourage dialogue with potential students.  An installation can be a hands-on experience, an abstract interpretation, or an interactive display.  Something that prospective students can engage with, ask questions, and be inspired by.  Feedback from similar events tells us that research installations ie. interactive displays, are highly valued, motivating and informative for prospective students.  They provide a framework for dialogue and make discussion easier for both students and supervisors.

🌟There will be a prize for the most engaging installation, announced at the end of the event 🌟

Examples of installations in previous years:

  • Microscopic and live worms, shown below (Yee Lian Chew)
  • Zebra fish (Karissa Barthelson)
  • Computer running simulation (Natansh Modi)
  • Origami protein folding, shown below (Amy Wyatt)
  • Insulin receptor model on laptop (Briony Forbes)
  • Sleep timer glasses (Andrew Vakulin)
  • Mechanical ventilator & fake lung (Dani Dixon)
  • Stand drink estimation, shown below (NCTEA)

If you will bring a research installation we need to know, so space can be allocated for you & your research can be promoted in the pre-event material to students.

Please email with ‘Research installation – Pathways to Research event’ in the subject title before 3rd August and let us know what you’re thinking of bringing.

What you need to know

  • If you require power, please bring your own extension cord. You may not be located near a power outlet.
  • Installations can be set up from 8.45am until 9.45am and removed 1-1.30pm.  Further details about this will be available following expression of interest.
  • Be mindful of COVID-19 infection precautions when considering installation ideas.
  • Space allocation will depend on how many researchers express interest, and what they plan to bring, but as a guide at this initial stage, see photos below and work on having about 2 sqm of space.
  • Tables will be available.

For further information or discuss installation ideas please contact either or

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