Got RESEARCH on your radar?

Research training builds the core skills needed to succeed in medicine, medical science and beyond.  If you are on the home stretch of your current degree you might be thinking about your options after graduating, and how to gain the skills needed for your future directions.  Whether you want to explore a field briefly touched on in your studies to create a deeper understanding OR become an expert in a topic you’re passionate about, research training at Flinders Health and Medical Research Institute (FHMRI) will help get you to where you want to go, and make real-world health & medical impact with cutting edge research.

Join us on Wednesday 9th August to learn how you can continue your passion for knowledge and research, whether that be through an undergraduate summer scholarship opportunity, 3rd year Professional Placement topic, Honours year, Masters of Biotechnology, Masters by Research or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

‘Got RESEARCH on your radar?’

Come and meet FHMRI research supervisors | 11:30am – 1:00pm | Wednesday 9th August | Flinders Medical Centre, Level 5 collaborative teaching space 5E:305

You will hear about the health & medical research happening at Flinders University, program entry requirements, scholarship opportunities and talk with current FHMRI students, all in a relaxed environment with lunch provided! You will have a great opportunity to chat with academic supervisors from a wide range of FHMRI research areas; from Discovery Biosciences, through to Clinical Translation and Healthy Communities. You will be able to ask questions relevant to your own interests, and which research degree and project best suits your goals.

Register today via Eventbrite.  All welcome.

***It is a great idea to spend some time reflecting prior to the session to identify your interests and any future goals. Additionally, we strongly recommend having a good read through the ‘Pathways to research. Projects for students’ booklet prior.  Click here to open PDF.  Hard copies will be available on 9th August.

Here are some things to consider before attending;

  • Identifying what area(s) you are interested in

What topics have you been are most passionate about during your previous studies?  What do you enjoy learning about the most? What experience or knowledge do you have in this area that you could build on? What research group or project has snagged your attention in the booklet?

  • Understanding FHMRI research

To make the most of your time at the event, it’s useful to understand what FHMRI researchers are investigating and which ones you would like to speak with, before the information session.  Using the PDF booklet (link above) to identifying your areas of interest and which researchers work in those areas will help you be strategic when allocating time to mingle with potential supervisors.  Not all the potential supervisors listed in the PDF booklet will be available at the event, but all can be contacted via their email address.  Some of the potential supervisors that will be present are shown on the venue map, click here.   Also, often researchers (and their labs) have a website you can visit to understand what they do and the current published research. These websites are noted in the booklet.

  • Get the most out of meeting a potential supervisor and the program co-ordinators

In addition to research or project specific questions, you might want to come with some more broad questions. A few top common questions are listed below

>Is the supervisor taking students for the Placement/Honours/Masters of Biotechnology and/or PhD/Masters students?  Not all researchers present on 9th August will have projects suitable for all courses.

>Who makes up the research team?  Are there other students?

>What research methods are used? What is the typical lifecycle of a project?

>What are some of the projects and questions that the research group is working on?

>Is this student position funded?

>What does the supervisor look for in a successful candidate?


We will have student ambassadors available on the day to assist in directing you to the right people for all your questions.  Some of the potential supervisors that will be present at the session are shown on the venue map, click here.  For any further information please email

We look forward to seeing you there!



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