7th Southgate Oration

7th Oration Photo_Paul Worley Mary Mooney, Mirai Chatterjee, Fran Baum
Paul Worley, Mary Mooney, Mirai Chatterjee, Fran Baum

Dr Mirai Chatterjee from the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), India gave an inspiring Southgate Oration on 22nd October on the importance of empowering women to achieve health equity. She spoke of the way SEWA had addressed many of the social determinants of health of the women in Association and so improved their health. These determinants included child care, financial security and banking, affordable health care, more secure employment and social insurance for cases of illness and unemployment. Marai Chatterjee was a Commissioner on the WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health and forged a strong relationship with her fellow Commissioner Southgate Institute Director Professor Fran Baum. The audience included medical students, health professionals, trade unionists, women’s activists and members of Associate Professor Deane Southgate’s family. Please see Southgate Website for further information.

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