Dr. Elsa Barton’s PhD Approved

Dr Elsa Barton
Dr. Elsa Barton, a former PhD student at the Southgate Institute for Health, Society, and Equity, Flinders University, had her PhD formally approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies in November 2017.
Elsa was supervised by Prof. Fran Baum, Dr. Angela Lawless (Speech Pathology, Flinders University), and Dr. Toby Freeman. Her thesis was titled “Individual and community responses to depression in a comprehensive primary health care model of service delivery: examination of equity and empowerment aspects.”
Her research investigated the provision of care for depression at four South Australian primary health care services, and examined the extent to which services were equitable, empowering, and based on the principles of comprehensive primary health care.
Dr. Barton is now a Lecturer in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research in Flinders Rural Health South Australia, based in Mount Gambier.

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