Southgate’s citizen’s jury on health impacts of McDonald’s Australia gains media coverage

In 2016 the Southgate Institute convened a citizens’ jury to make policy recommendations on the findings of a Corporate Health Impact Assessment (CHIA) on McDonald’s Australia available here. Led by Prof. Fran Baum, Dr. Julia Anaf, and Dr. Matthew Fisher, the outcomes from the jury process have now been published online in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health available here.  The article attracted the attention of the Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC); an independent, not-for-profit service for journalists through the on line news portal Scimex.

AusSMC journalists collaborated with staff from the Flinders Office of Communication and Engagement to facilitate a media release on the process and findings of the citizens’ jury. Subsequent media attention resulted in publicity generated through an ABC radio interview, a youtube clip of the researchers discussing their work, and a profile in the Medical Journal of Australia’s publication Insight   These multi-media approaches played an important role in disseminating the Southgate Institute’s research into transnational corporations as commercial determinants of health.

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