Professor Stefano Campostrini presents on climate change and social determinants of health

On Friday 13th April, Prof. Stefano Campostrini from the University of Venice visited the Southgate Institute and gave a lecture on ‘Climate Change and Social Determinants of Health: A report from the last G7 Health Ministerial meeting.’

Prof. Campostrini described the process of synthesising evidence on actions to mitigate the negative health effects of climate change for presentation to policy makers at the G7 Health Ministerial meeting. He described the powerful potential for research impact on policy when the research findings were presented to policy makers by a nation’s health minister.

Prof. Campostrini’s presentation also highlighted the importance of considering the equity dimension of the health effects of climate change – that climate change will increase the number of people living in vulnerable circumstances, and that those living in vulnerable circumstances are most likely to suffer negative health effects from climate change.


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