PAW Network Members heading to Bangladesh for the 4th People’s Health Assembly

Punching Above their Weight Network members, including researchers from the Southgate Institute for Health, Society and Equity will be heading to the Fourth People’s Health Assembly taking place in Dhaka, Bangladesh over the 15-19th of November 2018.

The Fourth People’s Health Assembly (PHA4) will generate discussion on how to create civil society mobilization and policy dialogue for health equity and how to keep national and global governments accountable for governing for health. The Assembly will draw on civil society organisations and networks, social movements, academia and other actors from around the globe. PHA4 will provide a unique space for strengthening solidarity, sharing experiences, mutual learning and joint strategizing for future actions.

PAW members will be presenting a workshop at the Assembly on their work, including case studies of countries (Nepal, Sri Lanka and South Africa) that either punch above or below their weight with particular attention to the role of civil society in promoting health.

In September 2017 the Punching Above their Weight research network was formed to advance thinking and research about why some countries do much better or much worse in terms of life expectancy than would be predicted by their economic status. It builds on previous research that has focused primarily on health sector performance, examining more closely the political, social, environmental and economic processes that drive good or poor performance in promoting population health and health equity. More information about the PAW Network here:


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