10 years on from the Commission on the Social Determinants of Health: What has limited action?

The CRE team with international visitors at the work retreat.

Researchers from the Southgate Institute gathered in Canberra from 25 – 28 November 2018 to discuss research findings from the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence on the Social Determinants of Health Equity , a collaboration between the Southgate Institute and the School of Regulation and Governance (Regnet), Australian National University, University of Sydney and the University of Ottawa.

The team were joined by international visitors Prof. Louise Signal, University of Otago, Prof. Jeff Collin, University of Edinburgh, and our Chief Investigator from Canada Prof. Ron Labonte, University of Ottawa. In a three day retreat, the team reflected on the research findings and planned future work and translation and dissemination activities.

The retreat also benefited from having journalist Melissa Sweet from Croakey join the team to support the CRE’s dissemination strategy. Melissa organised a series of Periscope video interviews that are now available on Youtube, and the links listed below. These summarise some of the key health equity issues arising in the CRE’s research, covering corporate determinants of health, climate change, working conditions, and refugee health:

Addressing some burning #HealthEquity issues

#HealthEquity researchers – what is their advice to policymakers? 

Powerful calls for action on climate change & corporate power

Learn from successful governance in tobacco control! Prof Jeff Collin.

How is NZ addressing the social determinants of health equity? #SDOHFuture

On 29 November, the CRE hosted a policy symposium, entitled ‘The 10 Year Rollercoaster of Global Health Equity: Power, Progress, and Pitfalls’, marking 10 years since the WHO Commission on the Social Determinants of Health. It featured research presentations from the CRE team and international visitors. The day was attended by policy makers and academics and raised lots of discussion about the political barriers and corporate power that has reduced progress on addressing social determinants of health. As for previous CRE policy events, the day finished with a recorded panel session for Radio National’s Big Ideas program, facilitated by Paul Barclay. A link will be posted once this recording is online.

Paul Barclay, Jacqueline Phillips (ACOSS), Prof. Louise Signal, Prof. Jeff Collin, and Prof. Sharon Friel in the Big Ideas panel at the CRE policy day.


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