Southgate Institute recipients of 2019 Flinders Foundation grants

Congratulation to the following Southgate Institute recipients of 2019 Flinders Foundation grants with specific congratulations to our Early Career Researchers as first named Chief Investigators:

Dr Jo Flavel

Examining increasing health inequities in Australia: the contribution of employment, income and wealth (Flavel J, Baum F, Freeman T, Musolino C, McKee M)




Dr Moira Walsh

The changing family dynamics of people from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds and its impact on health and wellbeing (Walsh M, Ziersch A, Due C, Mwanri L)


The Flinders Foundation raises funds for health and medical research, and provides these seed grant funds to stimulate new research programs at Flinders University.

Other successful recipients:

Single middle-aged women in private rental housing: preventing homelessness and promoting ageing well in place (Browne-Yung K, Walker R, Baum F, Cornell V)

Understanding Indigenous and non-Indigenous theories of wellbeing and assessing their suitability for public policy to promote wellbeing (Fisher M, Mackean T, Wilson R)

Supporting men from refugee backgrounds during and after pregnancy (Due C, Ziersch A, Walsh M, Mwarni L)

Supporting resettlement and health and wellbeing for people from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds: Developing and piloting a measure of integration (Ziersch A, Due C, Walsh M, Flavel J, Block K)

Peer mentoring for dietitians working in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: scaling up to a national intervention study (Wilson A, Delbridge R, Palermo C, Mackean T)

What is the relationship between a nation’s wealth and health inequities? (Freeman T, Baum F, Bambra C, Gesesew H, Brown H)

Methods to assess the health impact of Australian alcohol companies: a pilot study of corporate health impact (Baum F, Fisher M, Miller E, Haigh F, Freudenberg N)

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