Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) 2021 COVID-19: Advancing Towards an Equitable and Healthy World

The PMAC conference – known as the Davos of global health- moved online this year. A series of parallel sessions were held between October and November and the plenary session in late January-early February.

Professor Fran Baum was involved in planning the conference and also presenting on various aspects of the social determinants and political economy of COVID-19. She also chaired an arm chair conversation with a panel that included the editor of the Lancet Richard Horton and former Director General of the World Health Organization.

The online recordings of the conference proceedings (see are a rich source of information about COVID-19 with the presenters including some of the world’s top public health experts and virologists.  The sessions debated whether the world would achieve vaccine equity, the likely course of the pandemic, and the social and economic issues underpinning it.

Here are links to some of the plenary session – more will be available soon on the PMAC website.

Keynote Speech by Prince Mahidol Award laureates

Armchair Conversation

Plenary 0: Politics, Political Economy, and History

Plenary 1: What has the world learned from COVID-19?


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