Inbound Interview: Maria from Mexico S1 2012

Who: Maria E. Carrillo Briseño
Where: Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia
Home University:
Universidad Autonoma de Baja California, Mexico
Student Exchange – Business Administration
S1 2012


  1. Please comment on the academic workload and requirements at Flinders vs.your home university.
    The life at Flinders University is awesome. Teachers and classmates give you the opportunity to grow and learn. Definitely I would recommend to some of my classmates here in Mexico to go and study at Flinders University or to go to Australia because the education is very good. The way the classes are taught, the assignments, tests, and the knowledge of the professors is very high.
  2. Please comment on the resources/facilities provided to exchange students at Flinders.
    Since the beginning of the exchange program Flinders University helps you to go through all the process. For some people it can be kind of difficult to get used to a new culture or maybe you might miss your family. The International Student Support Unit helps you with that and I was very happy for their support.
  3. First Language: Spanish
  4. If your first language is not English, how did you adjust to speaking and learning in English?
    It was difficult the first week but then you get used to the accent.
  5. My accommodation was: Off-campus
  6. Would you recommend this kind of housing to other exchange students?
    Yes, my off-campus accommodation was cheaper at the time I studied at Flinders than what was offered on-campus and I also found it very safe.
  7. How much money did you need for living expenses (entertainment, room and board, travel, books etc)?
    It was AU$150 per week in accommodation, AU$80-100 in food per week, AU$25 for public transport per week, AU$300 in books once in the semester and AU$1,000 for extra travel I did.
  8. Did you work during your time in Australia?
    Yes. My job was part time in a restaurant near Rundle Mall (in the city) as a kitchen hand.
  9. Did you have any fears before going on exchange? Were you able to overcome these?
    The only fear was that I did not know anyone but Flinders University was always supporting me so that´s why it wasn’t a big deal once I arrived.
  10. Was it easy to make friends among the local population?
    Yes, everyone is very friendly and kind at Flinders University.
  11. What aspect of the exchange experience did you feel was most rewarding, either personally or academically?
    That I can study and work in a different country in a different language!
  12. What was the highlight of your program?
    My highlight was the fact that I got a High Distinction (HD) in my first test of International Marketing at Flinders.
  13. What tips and advice would you give to someone who’s going on a student exchange to Flinders?
    Well, that everything will be okay as long as they keep in touch with the International Student Support Unit – they will look out for you! Great adventure!
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